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        Hello, My name is Daniel.  I am not a Hallett, but  I am a decendant of the Hallett Family origin. On this site I have posted my family tree, Supporting documents (ie. Birth Certificates, Obituaries and Articles) and Photos. I am constantly in quest of any supporting information and photos, and of course I am willing to share anything that I might Have. Please contact me to share or receive what I might have Regarding the Hallett's. I make no claim that the information on this site is 100% accurate, however it is accurate to the best of my knowledge, based on the research that I have done. Feel free to use any information on this site for your private use.  However, The information may not be used for profitable gain, some items and documents are exclusive property of mine and I will know if it is being sold on the market and I will press charges for Items pirated for gain.  Thank You and I hope you enjoy what you might find.

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